Top 3 Ways to Cut your Cigar

Here at CIGAR LEISURE, we know how important the perfect cut is when you want nothing more than to enjoy a premium cigar. Take a look at our expert tip, and see the Top 3 Ways to Cut your Cigar in order to get the most out of your premium cigar experience.

XO Circle Cutter by Xikar
1. The guillotine cutter is easily the most popular option for clipping caps around the world. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and can handle a variety of ring gauges and vitolas with its dual blades.
The XO Circle Cutter by Xikar is an innovative take on a classic method, as its circular design strays from the traditional, but it’s razor-sharp blades will have no trouble slicing through virtually any cigar.
When your on the go a pocket guillotine cutter might be your choice
2. Punch cutters are the best solution for enthusiasts looking for the convenience of a pocket-sized accessory. These cutters punch a small hole in the cap, making this selection ideal for cigars crafted with mixed fillers.
The Punch Cutter is a great option if you’re looking for a sleek, modern, and compact design. It twists open, self-cleans, and provides a razor-sharp punch cut, all the while fitting perfectly in your pocket.
3. The V-Cut (or cat’s eye) has been gaining steam in the cigar world, as it offers a slightly larger opening than the punch, but removes slightly less than the guillotine. It makes a clean, angled cut right down the center of the cap.
The Colibri V-Cut is among the most popular cutters in this style, as its stainless steel blade and ergonomic design make it a great option for aficionados who enjoy a range of cigar shapes and sizes.
4 Table Top & Desk Top Cutters are a favorite for those Aficionado’s
“Man-Caves”. Table Top & Desk Top Cutters come in a variety of sizes and range from single to multiple choices cuts.
Table Top & Desk Top Cutters

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