Members Points & Rewards

Registered members are automatically entered in Cigar Leisures Points & Rewards system. Each 200 points earned is worth $1 in discounts on future orders and you can use your points to earn discounts totaling up to 25% off your order. Points are valid as log as you remain a registered member of Cigar Leisure.

1. You earn 100 points automatically when you register.
2. Earn points with every purchase. For every $1 spent you earn 10 points.
3. Earn 100 points when you write a product review.
4. Earn 200 points when a referral purchases from Cigar Leisure.
5. Points can also be rewarded for entering various Contest/Sweepstakes and interactions on    our social media sites.

Your points earned also runs in conjunction with any other promotional considerations such as discount codes and thus being worth up to an extra 5% and applicable towards up to 25% of a purchase is valuable and impactful towards our already low prices.