We never sell or share your information with other unrelated companies. We do work with PayPal, Cigar Gal on Ebay, and Humidor’s R US.

We do not have access to your social media logins.

We work with PayPal as our cashier for online transactions including Credit Card Processing for non-PayPal customers. We are convinced that PayPal provides superior online banking services with the means and motivation to provide state of the art customer privacy and security.

PayPal is the cashier at the end of your online shopping experience handling the financial end of the transaction and Cigar Leisure is never in possession of any of your banking information. PayPal also has a reputation as a strong and effective consumer advocate and we believe that contributes to our fair trading standards and helps maintain trust between us and our customers.

We are also PayPal customers and otherwise, do not speak for PayPal, and believe strongly, not only as merchants but also as fellow consumers that credit card processing through PayPal does not create any undue inconvenience to customers.  Occasionally we experience mistrust by customers who do not wish to have their credit cards processed through PayPal. At times, they draw upon their experiences from the early days of online banking and wish to have merchants process their credit cards directly with their bank. Times have changed, and we believe that such customers needlessly, and unknowingly choose to place their trust into the hands of online businesses that have far less experience, means, and incentives to exercise the necessary financial and consumer protections.  As a third party in the online shopping experience, PayPal has proven to be an effective consumer advocate. It is our belief, that their consumer protection stance has not endeared them to all businesses, especially those with less than perfect consumer practices, and therefore we find that loud dismissive voices of such critics with a personal agenda have unfortunately translated wrongly to consumers.   This is our personal statement that is independent of PayPal and has not been adopted from boilerplate. 

If you find the topic of consumer protection of PayPal interesting consider the following link: