Nub it or not’

Nub it or not’

The Gentlemen’s Gazette in its zeal for proper etiquette on cigar smoking has this to say about the nub:

Allow the cigar to die a dignified death; after it’s smoked halfway, it will go out on its own. Today most men will continue to smoke it until there is about 1/4 left. A cigar is not meant to be smoked down to the foot and the shorter you allow it to go the harsher the smoke will become. I myself will generally allow it to go out about halfway.

This sounds like good advice for gentlepeople.

But my buddy Dave went out of his way to point out that the somewhat steamy and softened last bit of nub is the best part of his fine cigar experience that he looks forward to,…then relishes a good amount of attention on smoking this steamy chewy nub. Is this a Freudian slip or is he right’

Well, perhaps after pompous state Dinner at Buckingham Palace and only if cigar smoking is allowed, I would think that going with the Gentlemen’s Gazette’s recommendation is a wise choice,… but otherwise I must admit that I side with Dave. After all, enjoying my cigar is still paramount, and more often than not I discover that last bit of manageable nub is still a good part, and sometimes even a better part of my cigar smoking experience. Only when I feel that this is not forthcoming or the flavor experience deteriorates with any unpleasantness do I voluntarily abandon my cigar to the ashtray.

I conducted a brief and informal internet survey, and at least amongst friends, the majority concurs. But then we may just be cigar heathens with no

with an Xmen arm winning Cornhole is a breeze s png

 manners. Please comment, send me some feedback or pictures of your cigar nub experience and opinion.

Not long ago, Dave hosted a “Thirsty Thursday” with Cigars! And after some food and libations, the cigars could not wait and came out for a Corn

-hole game which ended early because Dave’s Xmen arm with a lefty partner aiming right and true, made very short time of that Corn-hole play. Barely ¼ of my cigar had been smoked!

Dave goes for the photo finish png s   Bored men are dangerous and thus, despite Matt wearing Flipflops, Ron’s little red Honda scooter was pressed into service to be abused as a dirt-bike in the too small for a dirt track backyard – at night, with woefully inadequate lighting. Strangely other than a bruise on Matt’s toe there were no other casualties, and thus the great fun that lasted for another ¼ cigar was completely justified.

So we sat down again, still cigars in hand. That night there was a terrible hurricane on the outer banks which brought a pleasant cool breeze to Dave’s Florida West Coast backyard, and that’s when we discovered that Sanchez had succumbed to the mellow background music, and had not dropped the least bit of ash off his halfway smoked Black Ops Maduro!

they finally noticed png s  We remembered that he’d been in the dirt on the scooter with the cigar! … that prompted tall tales until Dave became quiet and totally preoccupied with his nub. We compared nubs. Even Sanchez skillfully parked his ash and nubbed it up. We concluded that for this night of great company and a good time the nubs had made that even better! Flipflopped Matt even agreed, despite his throbbing big toe. We even took pictures of the nubs. The nubs reminded me of comfort food, homely, bready and comfortable like a stout, a smushed bagged sandwich on a long hike, English tea with milk… nothing outstanding, … but something simply comfortable.

Dave’s treasured last bit s

What was your last nub like’