National Beer Day

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It’s April 7… Today, Pair a Good Smoke with a Beer.

Yup, another important day in the calendar of days is upon us: National Beer Day, … enacted April 7, 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt post Prohibition, after America had suffered 13 beerless years. to remember the good pints of life. Ref:

… and while beer has been a staple for a very long time, and cigars came out of the New World, it was also here that both have found a great pairing, for they share the passions for taste, enjoyment, and craftsmanship. I read this cool article by Alan Wolfe:“Pairing Craft Beer and Cigars: The Basics“ on and thought you would like it:

This article made me ponder our obsessions of handmade cigars and craft beer…Both are arguably not so much a necessity of life, but rather an important expression of leisure, to destress, and nourish the soul, mind, and body. And, alas, both go soo well together!

Should a Guinness pair with GoBragh because both are from Ireland’ Perhaps on St. Patricks day, or when celebrating craftsmanship but otherwise … not so much, because Beer and Cigar pairings are not about rules, or convention…but much more about your personal, individual taste experience and leisure. What pairs with me quite happily may well form a taste dissonance with you, and that’s not because of any observance of rules of “tastyquette” but simply because, when it comes to taste and cigars there’s something much deeper and far more individual to celebrate and for many of you folks yet to discover!

It is worthwhile to remember what clicked in that warm and fuzzy realm of taking a sip and breath away from stress and pressures of life to enjoy a pint with a cigar! Please write down and remember that mental lightbulb of a fine pairing moment and share it here or with framily, and most importantly,… find the leisure of moments that belong to you, to make it happen again.

Amazing Moment: I have truly enjoyed: a First Crush Golden Ale at De Bine Brewery, Palm Harbor, FL with a Diesel Unholy Cocktail while Barry Dread and Theresa Marie brought down the house with amazing music… de Bine Brewing Co. – Palm Harbor’s premier microbrewery
Thought Provoking: A backyard sunset Rolling Rock with a stubby little Ave Maria, while doing some aluminum crafting, Perfect!
Thirsty Thursday Fun at Dave’s: A Coors Light paired with a small Man O’ War, while reliving tall stories and backyard bravery on a scooter pretending to be a dirt bike. Here the cigar was much more powerful than the beer, yet the pairing worked amazingly well …in the moment! Man O’ War Ruination Belicoso (5.7×56) BOX OF 20 Special Sale $150 | Cigar Leisure
My favorite: … an Ultra with a 5 Vegas Series ‘A’ something that seems to happen fairly often, because that’s what’s always stocked at our 19th hole outdoor kitchen and humidor. 5 Vegas Series “A” Box of 20 | Cigar Leisure
The Christmas cigar: An Ave Maria Immaculata with a Blitzen at Franz’s Lagerhaus in the beer garden with good company. Ave Maria Immaculata – Boxes of 20 | Cigar Leisure
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Memorable Smokiness: A Kentucky Fire-cured Flying Pig, smoked pit-fireside with a Young’s Chocolate Stout on a cold winters day,… warm smokiness all around a cold nose!  Drew Estate MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured | Cigar Leisure
Christoph Leibrecht
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