How to Buy Cigars Online and Cigar Terminology.

How to Buy Cigars Online and Cigar Terminology

Buying Cigars online is rewarding but often also intimidating and at Cigar Leisure we try hard to make this easier and informative:

Logically every question you have while shopping online is appropriate. Only questions not asked and stress-fully remaining unanswered remain awkward. Why then is it that folks seem to get intimidated to ask what is on their Mind’


The process of ordering cigars online involves steps, not unlike the steps you take to enter a brick and mortar store, with the difference that an e-commerce store comes to your computer or cell phone via the magic carpet of the internet and your fingers do the walking… Effectively a customized computer program is the storefront, and it uses your device screen to make the necessary processes human-friendly. You enter, …browse and look around to see what is on offer, and look up specific items, prices, and features until you are ready to select. You then choose delivery options, leave your address and ideally really only at the very end when you are fully satisfied that everything is in order you provide your delivery address and you pay. Or, at least, that’s what happens in a no-nonsense online store. First-time shoppers at a new establishment beware – please only provide information which is absolutely needed. The store already knows technically your ip address, and may appropriately check that you are not a Russian bot trolling for systems weaknesses. Everything else is not needed for a first time buy until you found and have chosen the products you are ready to purchase.  After all, in real life it’s not advisable to show strangers in a store your wallet and all the money that’s in it, and announce where exactly you live, then why does a store even need your name’ 

It is very common that new online customers are anxious to avoid accidental purchases. First time customers avoid this by holding back their name and contact information. Good online stores design  their processes that it becomes virtually impossible to accidentally purchase something, and even when the customer fear that this happened, an accidental purchase is usually (and must be-) easily reversible.


Nevertheless, it is because of these protective steps that the online shopping experience is by nature not yet completely intuitive.  At least, until you understand that the purpose is mostly for the protection of customer’s privacy. Therefore once you are aware of this and understand the advantages of buying cigars online the process becomes much more transparent and second nature:

1. Online purchasing generally provides the greatest variety of products because online stores can leverage their resources on storage and drop shipping,  and don’t need retail and display space.

2. Online stores are open/online 24/7 at all hours and you can read up on every product at your leisure, and order at any time. We are still waiting for our first sleep buyer!

3. You, as the online customer, save time, save fuel, and gain the convenience of shopping and finding the products you seek from the comfort of your home/computer space without the pressures of salespeople breathing down your neck. Most online stores are also mobile device friendly and shopping from your mobile phone or tablet on work break has become surprisingly normal. The phone weighs much less than the Sears catalog of yore, and the catalog of products on the e-store is often right up to date to the last changes, giving you the latest in prices, products or services.

4. Online purchasing within the United States of America is mostly free of geographic restrictions with relatively little time differences between local and long distance deliveries. (There restrictions in place, like the Food and Drug Administration’s  restrictions for cigarettes that cannot be traded interstate nor sent by USPost or UPS, and the taxes and the tariff landscape is evolving with other restrictions on the horizon.) 

5. The Online shopper usually benefits from lower prices for many reasons. Online stores know that comparison shopping online is far easier than calling or visiting different brick and mortar stores and usually price to be competitive.   Further, an online store like Cigar Leisure can leverage its greater geographic exposure: With the store is located in Tampa Florida, but that is irrelevant because it serves customers throughout all of the United States of America with free shipping. Even if an online store is an offshoot of a brick and mortar store and thus serves the whole country or even the world, that store does not suddenly need a larger sales floor. Online stores can often leverage their lower overheads into lower pricing. Online stores can work with other stores or distributors and dropship products to customers which lowers their inventory requirements. Online stores generally have to be very product price and service conscious to remain competitive.

6. The genuine fear that many online stores surprisingly add unexpected, exorbitant and inflated hidden shipping charges to the bottom line prices is still warranted. We don’t like this practice at all, and this is why online stores like Cigar Leisure simply offer free shipping for all their products.  We do so as a service to our customers because this frees the customer from this source of worries: The actual cost of shipping is not eliminated but online stores like Cigar leisure may choose to carry these costs as an expense.  They save money elsewhere but will not do so at the expense of the customer. With online shopping, the customer can order online instantly, at any time of the day, and usually, there is virtually no delay in processing the order and have it shipped. The postal service and private shippers like UPS and FedEx deliver quick and efficient and often allow you to track your shipment. At Cigar Leisure, we are usually able to fulfil orders well within a week.

7. Ordering from out of state is also tax efficient, especially for tobacco products where many states impose steep tobacco taxes from their in-state vendors. For example, our cigar prices are especially efficient for customers in New York, Alaska, the Midwest, and Hawaii. Fortunate for us the taxes in Florida are very low, and we are located in the best place in the United States from which to procure and ship cigars. Tampa, Florida has it all: Tampa is home to both, Ybor City, U.S.’ Cigar City,  and an amazing major transport/shipping hub as the US gateway from the Carribean, Central- and South America. Even the climate is humidor friendly! Remarkably, this means that location is relevant for us, but less so for our customers.

7. Similar to any good store, we, the people at are also highly qualified, dedicated experts purveying cigars and related products professionally and competently. In this regard a good online store is the same or often better than most of brick and mortar purveyors. We are in this business because we know it and love it, breathe it and care for our customers and the products.  We simply treat you like we want to be treated, and this makes us happy to answer your questions quickly and enthusiastically.

Even though computer networks and electronics are replacing brick and mortar, please be assured that selling online is simply another way that involves us as people who are cigar enthusiasts, tobacconists and vendors with real products and processes handled professionally and expertly to make life easier and less expensive for You: The fellow cigar enthusiast, our customer and thus the most important person to get the product of your choice in perfect condition in a timely manner! It’s us providing cigars and other smoking accessories to you. We keep the purveying costs low, and you pay less. We are approachable and ready to get you what you want. - Buy Cigars Online in the USA - Online Cigar Sales - International Cigars

Please consider this mental journey: When you visit imagine that you are mentally walking into a giant Humidor Room with many shelf items and drawers and boxes (…clickable pictures and names of categories or products) with choices that have many strange and often Spanish cigar terms. Our profile picture… is a person quietly rolling some cigars. He is even smoking one, minding his own business, ignoring you but for a brief acknowledging look. Nevertheless, imagine that he really knows cigars and knows about the products in the store and is ready to answer any question if and when you may encounter a quandry.

As you shop us from your home,your office, or while out at a coffee shop through your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, Your eyes get used to the display … and you may spot a cigar box that says “Montecristo Monte Robusto Maduro”, and another one says “MUWAT Flying Pig” and you may even wonder: “That’s supposed to make me feel all warm and fuzzy with anticipation’” …Well, relax, as you learn about these things, the intimidating morphs to become information and entertainment.

At all times, by your side… (see the top right-hand corner of the screen)… is a shopping basket. Also known as “the cart”.  On our online store theme, the graphic looks more like a rudimentary-looking shopping bag and it’s a bit small, but touching it reveals everything you have placed there.

With a mouse click on this basket, you can see what’s in the basket. It usually starts out empty but may hold some items from your last visit. This “shopping basket” is also sometimes referred to as the “cart”. It contains the very specific individual choices you made like make, model, size packaging options, how many, prices and your total $ amount. 

Provided that a product is available (not sold out) you can happily click on “Add to cart”. This is effectively the “buy” button, and your choice goes into the basket. But in any good online store, you are not committed to buy! Whatever is in the basket is reserved for you, just like in a real store, and perhaps even better, you are not yet at all committed to buying anything just because it is in your shopping basket or cart. You may check what is in your basket at any time and you may remove items from the cart at any time before you pay for anything. Remember rushing back to return an unwanted item to its shelf’  Any good online store makes sure that You are never committed to paying until you are satisfied with everything in your basket (or cart) and actually hand over the money for that specific transaction. You can also choose to abandon the cart anytime with no consequence. No-one will give you angry looks, not even the dude rolling cigars while you shop Cigar Leisure.

Online stores can re-shelve items from abandoned shopping carts magically and routinely without any physical effort.

That dude minding the shop while rolling cigars also never handles your money. He just tirelessly pretends to roll cigars and wants you to shop un-bothered and in peace. In other words, we at Cigar Leisure choose to let you browse and shop at your leisure. We are available, but ultimately we do not handle your money or your personal money related information ourselves. Instead, we hand you over to the Paypal cashier.  We take this precaution because we found that both us and our customers trust and benefit from the security and privacy protections and reputation from the Online Banking service known as PayPal to process your payment options.  This fully including customers with credit cards from other Banks who do not want to become PayPal customers.

Paying only happens after you confirm that you are ok and happy with the shopping cart contents and after you have seen the bottom line price. It is only when you pay that we proverbially shake hands with you on a deal that we will deliver what you are prepared to pay for. To make sure you feel safe we don’t want to know – nor ever know your credit card, Banking or PayPal details. To pay for the products in the cart we hand you over to the independent, trusted and reputable cashiers at PayPal who actually handle the money. This process is very secure and quick, and often not even noticed as being seperate by the online customer. There is never a line to wait in.

This works marvelously well even if you do not have a PayPal Account because you can still use your normal credit card from any other bank through PayPal without signing up as a PayPal customer.  Still, you will benefit from a banking connection that is generally considered more secure and more concerned with your privacy and consumer protection than most other banks. When you pay with your credit card through PayPal it is You, + Your bank and Paypal who create a secure communications circle. Perhaps smoothly and unbeknownst to you, these three entities exchange information in a military-grade encrypted form. Us, the vendor, is out of the loop and gets paid later. Even at this stage when you are about to hand over your credit card information you are still not committed to pay, you can still EXIT and abandon your cart with no adverse consequence.

As an online store, we hope that you will be so kind to let us know why you did not complete a purchase especially if we did anything wrong because that information can make our online store better. However, there is no pressure at all to provide such feedback.

We added this extra PayPal step and subscribe to this service at our cost and no cost to you for both, your and our protection. We are well aware that accidentally paying wrongly or being defrauded by a fraudulent store is one of the biggest fears of online shoppers, especially of seasoned online shoppers who probably encountered dubious practises from less than honest traders.


We also provide another layer of customer protection by providing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate ourselves. Your browser acknowledges this by accepting us as “” …with the extra “s” instead of http and showing a locked green padlock. This secure padlock indicates that the online site has been identified and was confirmed by the certificate provider to be a real website with a known owner and that the communication and information between that online site (like cigar leisure) and your browser, (…information that flies around on the internet) is actually encrypted and will be undecipherable gibberish to anyone else who may intercept it. Some smart folks figured out that computers don’t mind tedious and repetitive work and therefore scrambling messages as they are sent and reassembling them on receipt causes virtually no communication delay, but creates considerable information security.  We do this as an online store because we value customers, and wish to treat customers the way we want to be treated. When I shop anywhere as a customer I only buy from trusted sites.Trust goes a long way in this world.

Once you are happy with Cigar Leasure as an online store, you can choose to become an interested  customer in the store, identify yourself and sign up. This brings many advantages:

1. We are getting to know each other, and you are recognized as an important person by the management of the store.

2. You only have to add information like shipping address once, and with minor corrections there is less information you must provide when you finalize purchases . We will also have your contact information if you need a reply to a question, or if you want to be notified when a sold out product is back in stock.

3. You will be sent promo codes for price reductions and timely reminders of Specials from time to time for extra discounts.

4. You accumulate loyalty points which you can use as a repeat customer to effectively save more money on each future purchase. 

5. You get early, first dib information on Sales, especially if one involves cigars you have ordered before.

5. We respect your privacy. We value regular customers and therefore pledge not to pass on or sell any customer information to third parties. Our emails are professional and tasteful, and serve only as special notification or occasional reminders, and will stop as soon as you say so.

We hope and trust that you will agree that purchasing online with our secure model system brings more privacy and better consumer protection than would typically be the case in a regular store or other online stores that handle your credit card payments directly.

In any case, if you are stuck in any way with your online experience please don’t just give up, but ask us or even accuse us of getting you stuck. Your questions and concerns are what makes us a better online store for You. We are not always warm and fuzzy, but we do have a special respect and place in our heart for people who thus help us.

ITS ALL SPANISH TO ME! Or how to speak Cigarlish.

The terminology which is often a leftover from the Cuban Spanish origin of the Cigar Industry and the choices to buy cigars online is most definitely overwhelming. Please do not let yourself be put off by that. Perhaps this little compendium will give you confidence with a sense of adventure:

Cigars are manufactured by brands with each brand offering one or more blends of different flavors and price. So the quickest way to find your favorite brands and blends is to enter the brand or both brand and blend in the online store search window. Below you will find a list of the cigar brands for sale.


Brands and Blends

Alternatively, you can scroll down the choices of the cigar menu in the online store or any of the other menus and click to see when you come across something interesting. This is similar to looking into the trays or drawers of a walk in or perusing a catalog.

At Cigar Leisure we offer over 500 different brands, and most of these have different blends and offer these brand/blend in various cigar sizes and sometimes also come in different packaging options. That’s why have over 2000 different cigars on offer. We sell the best known and most famous American and International cigar brands, and most of their blends.

The online Search window allows you to enter a search for specific Brands/Blends. Usually, the first 4 characters are enough to lead to your choice.

One problem is that many people don’t know all their choices. Below are popular brand names to sample. The blends within each brand vary widely and many are given unique names which you will discover or may have heard of before as they appear for each brand. Yes MUWAT does make a “Flying Pig”, and Gurkha has its “Beauty” as well as a “Beast”. We are always happy to take on the challenge to help you find what you are looking for and/or suggest alternatives. So please feel free and email us.:  or phone during regular business hours toll free: 1 877 3371

Traditionally many brands have a regular blend and a darker, stronger tasting version wrapped in darker “Maduro” tobacco leaf. This is analogous to coffees being available as regular and espresso, or beer as lager or dark.


Shape and Size

Once you look up a specific brand/blend combination you will find that there are usually variations of that cigar listed in a SHAPE & SIZE bar with clickable variations to choose from: There may be small cigars called “Cigarillos” the size of cigarettes, larger in between sizes with names like “Lancero”, “Panatela”, “Corona”, even larger “Churchill”, “Robusto”, “Toro”, “Torpedo”, “Tubos” and the mighty “Gordo”. Manufacturers may also have other shapes and names like “Presidente” or “Salomon”, or even “Flying Pig”.

To cut through any confusion the cigar sizes are commonly marked by a combination of two different numbers like (5.5″ x 52), the first number is the length of the cigar in inches, and the second number is the ring size of the cigar.

The Cigar Ring Size is its diameter in 1/64th of inches. “Cigarillos” may be different sizes and (3.0×33) is common: Three inches long and 33/16th in diameter. “Churchills” may vary in size too but (7.0” x 50) is common: Seven inches long and 50/64th inches in diameter. You quickly get a feel for these ring sizes, and if you want to know more precisely there are ring size charts that you can find online, download and print.

Cigars also vary in shape with different tapers and are sometimes finished differently. “Torpedos” are pointed at the mouth end and can be trimmed for comfort. “Robustos” are blunt and rounded and sealed with the wrapper leaf at the mouth end and must be cut or plugged or pierced before it can be smoked. Most machine-made cigars are already trimmed and ready to smoke. “Cigarillos” or smaller cigars sometimes have mouthpieces and are ready to smoke without requiring any cutting.

add Shape and Size Chart.

Packaging and Cigar Count

Most cigars are sold in the ubiquitous specialized cigar boxes. Pay special attention to the number of cigars in each box because that is what you are buying and paying for. A typical count is 20 cigars per box, but 10 per box, or 25 cigars per box are also popular. These boxes are a cool part of buying cigars, by some they are collectibles, others re-purpose these boxes to hold odds and ends or recipe cards or even make cigar box guitars.

Otherwise, cigars are sold in packs or bundles, again the number of cigars per pack or bundle is important if you are comparing prices.

When you come across “Tubos”, these will seem more expensive per cigar because they are cigars which are further sealed in their own individual, glass, or metal tube to ensure freshness and pocket carry convenience. While Tubos generally incur extra packaging costs, they make great giveaways or are convenient for single cigar purchases from a tobacconist.

Pricing, and What are You Paying for:

Manufacturers generally suggest the retail price, (MSRP,) and that is the price the customers usually expect to pay in a regular Tobacconist Store. When our price is lower we strike out the MSRP and show our price. Without a commensurate high rent Main Street brick and mortar store, and relatively less staff and inventory controls with instant reorder and drop shipping we save significantly on costs. This allows us to offer many brands at significant discounts usually more than 20%, and on average our prices are some 30% below retail. We ship anywhere in the USA for free using the U.S. Postal Service, or UPS. And we pay PayPal for their cashier’s service.

When comparing online prices for same products a common mistake is to forget to factor in the shipping costs. Companies that charge them sometimes pad them with “handling”, adding to the less visible shipping cost and making the product appear lower in price than it actually is.

As we are based in Florida there are no taxes charged for products going to other states. This makes online purchases from Cigar Leisure especially price effective for customers in Alaska, New York, Minnesota, and Hawaii.

You are paying for buying and receiving cigars (and other online products) in good condition at your address as provided. If your order does not arrive as expected email or notify the vendor immediately. Good vendors will follow up on lost shipments and will replace shipments, or authorize refunds for shipments that are damaged or lost in transit. The vendor is contracted with and may pursue recourse with the shipper, as it is the vendor’s dealings with the shipper that has been jeopardized. A gray area is your mailbox or porch, and especially around holiday times criminals have targeted mail packages. Most postal or UPS delivery persons are happy to ring the door or leave a note if you don’t want to leave a package exposed.

Which Cigar is ‘Best’

This is a common question and there are many websites and publications contending this. However, the answer is much simpler and far more basic than most expect: Whatever You like best! The human taste is such that someone’s favorite cigar can be another person’s worst tasting smoke.

An expensive high-end cigar has a lot to do with the rarity of tobaccos used, and the special care and attention lavished on uncompromising blending, manufacture, packaging and marketing, and “should” reflect a quality product. However, because of individual taste that is not for everyone.

Ultimately it is your own experience that will become your guide. That experience will also make you more sensitive and aware of other quality issues like the quality of the cigar’s construction, the smoking consistency, and taste characteristic of each cigar. We bring our experience and what we learn to describe each brand/blend best we can, and fine-tune this steadily.

A Cigar, and especially a hand-rolled one is nevertheless an organic item subject to some whims of nature. While Aficionados crave consistency they also recognize that each stick and each smoke, even from the same batch seems to have a personality of its own. This is further complicated by the fact that as human beings we all have different tastes and one person’s “best” cigar can be perceived as “awful” by the next person. Smoking cigars much to do with individual taste and a lot depends on your confidence and willingness to learn and grow with each new smoking experience, and the moments of joyful pleasure, or anticipation that comes with smoking cigars.

Don once recommended that I maintain a smoking journal/diary, and that has been very helpful for me. …Like a schoolboy, I diligently paste in the colorful paper cigar rings of recent smokes into my journal describing my personal taste experience. At times I feel silly doing this, but it has become a useful tool to narrow down what best works for me and see where others agree or disagree. At Cigar Leisure, we take breaks, by our “9th hole table” or by the firepit and smoke and chat, and end up sharing our experiences with these cigars. We also listen to the feedback from others, especially our customers and that too is used to update the descriptions to reflect different opinions. Our customers are in this respect far more influential than they often realize.

Once you find something you like, it is a good idea to stick with it for a while. Buy a box and use some of these cigars to trade with other smokers, you meet.


Smoking Etiquette and Conventions

A little too much is made of this, more often than not, by people who know too little themselves. Just be yourself, cut a cigar because it needs to be cut to draw air, and light it because it must glow/burn to smoke. Draw the smoke into your mouth to taste it, and most cigar smoker’s don’t inhale! Due to the abundance and strength of the smoke inhaling is not necessary and inhaling will unnecessarily increase the smoker’s health risks significantly.

Ceremonies regarding cutting, toasting, and lighting cigars and other conventions are topics that go beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, and most importantly etiquette is mostly about respecting the people we interact with, and with smoking cigars be aware of people that might not like your smoke, or the ashes from our cigar: Use an ashtray or dispose of ashes and your cigar responsibly. Never walk into an indoor space with a lit cigar unless you have expressed permission. Don’t puff into people’s faces, especially people you don’t know. However, if you do normally blast your 500 Watt car stereo with windows wide open in Commuter traffic its ok to ignore etiquette.

Other Useful Facts to Know

If you’ve ever contemplated the complexities of the world of women’s fashion, or perfume, rest assured that the world of cigars is just as complex if not more so, despite the apparently misleading simplicity of the product:

Everyone knows that cigars are essentially bundles of crumpled or crimped up cigar leafs held together in a rolled on wrapper of bigger tobacco leafs. One side is chopped off to light it and the other side also has to have an opening to let you draw the smoke into your mouth. The outermost leaf is called the “wrapper”, often the most flavorful part of the cigar. The Wrapper encases and holds in a binder layer, or layers and/or the (long or short) fillers directly. The Wrapper essentially forms a tube that channels and draws the smoke through the fillers while smoking, and everything should smolder evenly as it gets consumed.

Thus engineering and manufacturing a cigar may appear easy enough but in all reality, this becomes a pretty big deal in the hands of experts who deliver an excellent and consistent product. Machines can do much of the work of assembling a consistent cigar but hand-rolled cigars by skilled “Torcedors” (cigar rollers) still rule. Rollers are respected skilled craftsmen (and women).

The smoke from the tobacco gives the cigar its taste. There are different strains of tobacco with seed stock turning out differently tasting(smoking) tobaccos from different farms, fields (“Vegas”), soils and micro-climates, in many countries. Tobacco originates from Cuba from hence the Western World discovered Tobacco when and only after Columbus landed in Cuba 1469, and commercial tobacco growing for cigars developed quickly from then on.

The harvested leaves can be cured to make them last by drying and fermenting them in various ways, and those products can be aged and flavored. This creates a great variety of tobaccos which get procured processed and blended for cigar production of the familiar brands and blends we sell. Well-known brands and producers have mastered the art of blending popular flavor profiles consistently so the consumer knows what to expect. The manufacturers, as well as traders and consumers, have developed a language to describe these flavor profiles or smoking experiences and tobacconists like us strive to describe these to you for each product.

After a cigar is rolled it is often box pressed for consistency in size, and sometimes to make it square-ish in cross-section for looks and ease of packaging.

Rolled and pressed cigars, are then stored in special rooms or boxes called humidors. Humidors are traditionally lined in Spanish Cedar. This wood has special buffering properties to help maintain consistent and steady humidity levels and temperatures usually 65% to 70% relative humidity with a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some finished cigars may be deliberately aged to allow the flavors to mellow, mature and blend. The aging can range from a few weeks to many years for “vintage” cigars.

While some humidors have humidified air conditioning to maintain perfect conditions normal refrigeration or freezing cigars is not recommended as this can be very damaging.

The short postal journey to the online consumer is generally not harmful but do check the mailbox on very cold days to make sure your delivery will not sit in the winter frost too long. Allow any frozen cigars plenty of time to slowly come to normal temperature before opening the package.

At Cigar Leisure we strive to purvey cigars from their optimum storage to your house in the safely and quickly. Regular Post and UPS shipping are quick enough and work well. After that, it is up to the consumer to keep their cigars in prime shape. For this is we also value and sell and provide advice on personal humidors. The humidors we sell are carefully selected and inspected. They must be well made and must seal well, are Spanish Cedar lined, pre-seasoned, and contain decent humidification and Hygrometer devices.


What You Should Know About Each Cigar

When you read the cigar profiles online we cover origin, the blend and types of fillers, binders and wrappers, treatment, number of cigars, and packaging, and where available our, or other experts smoking experiences like burn characteristics and taste. Sometimes there is even a video. These descriptions are full of technical cigar terminology:

You will read about Cuban seed, sun-grown, shade-grown, machine made, hand rolled, box pressed, aged, fermented, mild, medium, and strong bold blends.

Often much of the flavor of a cigar comes from its natural cigar leaf wrapper, such as the popular mild and light Connecticut, or the dark and more richly flavored Maduro and Habano wrappers.

These wrappers enclose Long- and short fillers. Short fillers being the fancy term for trimmings and waste from the production of other cigars. While short fillers are often dismissed with a bad reputation, this is not fair, as a less expensive smoke made from the trimmings of a rare expensive blend premium cigar are actually often quite the treat!

Puros” are cigars made from the singular national sources of one country. Frequently many quality cigars bring together wrappers, binders, and fillers from several countries. Among these “Cuban Seed” and native varieties of tobacco are now grown in Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Africa, Asia, United States, and other countries. Depending on climate and sun exposure cigar leaves develop their optimum flavor profile by either being sun grown robustly in an open field, or shade grown for more delicate flavors.

From the fields, tobacco leaves are harvested then sorted and dried, and/or treated in various fashion. The drying can be in special barns and sometimes uses smoke, and leaves can be further fermented for a darker deeper set of flavors.

Once dried and cured tobacco is relatively stable and suitable for aging. Aging allows flavors to meld and mature. These tobaccos are sorted and prepared to be incorporated in specific blends. Consistency in design, rolling, blending and aging of cigars are often in the hands of highly skilled experts and artisans who are valued highly especially for the production of fine cigars.

Why Don’t We Sell Cuban Cigars’

Cigar customers sometimes forget that Cuban Cigars cannot be legally sold in the United States. That is understandable because despite politics there is history and thus you can’t get Cuba out of cigars. Also despite Cuba’s absence from the U.S. market many of the famous Cuban brand names like Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and Simon Bolivar and others have been recreated in other countries for the US Market. Sometimes with and sometimes without the blessing of Cuba. This gives the impression that you can get Cuban Cigars here, but that is not so. None of the brand/blends for sale here in the United States are made in Cuba.

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore History: The origin and epicentre of the world’s cigar industry are still strongly influenced by Cuba. Indicative of this is the Cuban-Spanish terminology that prevails. The embargo of Cuban products to the United States is an old US-Cuba political thing which dates back to the Revolution in Cuba and the Cuban Missile Crisis in the Kennedy era (the 1960s). While much better than Nuclear war, this embargo is now arguably politically anachronistic. Today I would much rather support a U.S. ban of North Korean Kim-Chi than Cuban cigars and rum.

Recently customs regulations have relaxed and U.S. travelers returning to the United States (including anyone taking a day trip to Mexico, Bahamas, and Canada) can now bring in $100 worth of Cuban cigars. This is for their own consumption and no one is allowed to sell these cigars in the U.S.A..

“Puros” are cigars manufactured in one country, using that country’s locally grown tobacco. While we can’t legally sell Cuban Puros in the United States, many countries now cultivate tobaccos from Cuban seed stock, and the cigar industry has developed many microclimates and treatments of fermenting and aging tobacco leaves in other countries outside of Cuba, which have matched and in numerous cases surpassed the quality and flavors of the classic Cuban products. So there is no longer any reason to despair on the lack of Cuban Puros in our mix. At Cigar Leisure we do look forward to the day we can also sell Cuban Cigars legally. We will happily sell and smoke those too, supplementing our already excellent choices with some more variety.

If you live by personal experience – evaluation – adjustment, this article will be a good start to your knowledge. Now it is up to You to experiment,  and order online to see how it suits you.

We are Fellow Smokers!

At Cigar Leisure we are customer oriented and are not cheap in attitude. This is because we are not only purveyors but also smokers and want to pass on savings to the online store that we would, as fellow smokers, also want to do business with. Our shopping cart software may not be the latest, slickest, and best, but it works, and we are happy to improve or help if it doesn’t work for you. We respect and value every customer, and are especially proud to be especially patient with individuals who are relatively new or unsure about buying cigars online.

For example, we have customers with poor eyesight or some who plain don’t like computers and we gladly handle their orders via the phone. By calling us and letting us help with their orders they can still get their cigars online and in the mail.

Happy smoking.

Not a PayPal Customer’

You can pay with a credit card even though you are not a PayPal Customer. Believe it or not, this process is much safer and more secure for the customer than the normal credit card accounts used by most online e-commerce stores. We don’t touch and handle your personal credit card information: So, no-one hacking our site can steal it from us, and PayPal is far better equipped to protect consumers from identity theft and fraud, than most other businesses and banks. PayPal is also committed and effective in protecting consumers from vendor fraud.