Cigar Leisure with Rubicon by the Firepit

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Cigar Leisure with Rubicon by the Firepit



Last night was just right to be outside by the fire pit. I kindled it with some dead willow branches that came from the end of the yard, and the unique and rather pleasant vanilla scent reminded me of the fact that willow bark was once a popular ingredient to herbal smoking. Anyway, the blazing split oak soon created a cosy smoke space, and out came the slightly beat up ammo can with a warm beany hat  and, of course, one of the 28 Gurkha Rubicons, shaped like a bullet with golden wrapper casing …   

The theme, ‘ammo can and bullet cigar’ is perhaps not the most peaceful start, but this changed almost immediately, with my surprised smile at my first puff towards the many flavors immediately emanating from this cigar.  It was like a greeting from a good friend, or like that scent they put into Starbucks to greet you on a cold day. 

That cigar, the fire, and then Donna brought me a smooth and oaky 1800 Annejo Tequila to sip and let me try her Single Malt Scotch for comparison, and I knew that I was in the right place, at the right time!

The cigar is a beautifully made Gurkha, torpedo, trimmed to be a comfortable smoke it drew perfectly and burned evenly and for a long time, allowing me to dream into the crackling fire and indulge some thoughtful flights of fancy. The ammo can no longer manacing but reflected the dancing flames warmly, and the knitted beany which was the “Crackerjack Surprise” in the box did its job perfectly and has now been commandeered handily into the pocket of my fleece jacket. 


This was once an expensive premium cigar combo for wealthy warriors, who really did not need an extra ammo box. It used to retail for over $300. But with so many things of luxury, once the corporations had their play the prices have come down to earth. 

I do appreciate the ammo box, because it works as a practically sized and amazingly effective travel humidor, completely sealing my stash, and I love a well made tasty, long lasting, balanced, and flavorful smoke. Then they throw in a warm beany cap with official black ops logo, a very sharp knife to trim this cigar just right with an emergency glass breaker tip,..Hmmm, thus at $133.11 its the best bargain online now, containing  28 premium sticks at under $5 per!  The Rubicons are also sold in 5 packs to sample for $28.88. That’s still less than $6 a stick, but there is no tough Rubicon ammo can, no beany and no knife.

Do I need another ammo can? Do I need a warm knitted, and menacing official Black Ops beany hat? Do I need a razor sharp, technical folding knife with glass shattering tip handily kept in my car?  …. yes, yes and hell YES!

Life is good today…

Gurkha BK8 Pocket Tanto Tactical Knife
Gurkha BK8 Pocket Tanto Tactical Knife








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