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A humidor is one of the most important, and individual items for your smoke space and you can buy the best humidors online from Cigar Leisure with confidence.
We expertly and critically evaluate every humidor before we market it. Most importantly it must be an excellent tool to maintain the perfect microclimate for your cigars.
We are uncompromising in our requirements:  Our Humidors must seal well, have seasoned Spanish Cedar Lining for humidity and temperature buffering, and most have hydrating devices which store and release humidity as well as functional analog or digital hygrometers. Excellent workmanship and quality hardware are all designed to allow you to store your cigars and maintain optimum humidity levels.
Humidors also help define your individual smoke space and each makes its own design statement.  Thus they come in many different practical, elegant and artistic designs.
Generally, with humidors, bigger is better and this is where our free shipping policy next to our very keen pricing truly shines.