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The cigar cutter is an  essential tool when it comes to cigar smoking, allowing for a quick, accurate cut for the perfect draw. There are many diverse types of cutters from guillotine cutters, V cutters, cigar scissors, punches & more.

The Guillotine cut, is a straight-across slice takes off the sealed head of the cigar. Then there is the Punch cut, which consists of a round sharpened metal tube rotated into the head and removes a plug of tobacco to provide a good draw. The “V” cut, also known as a “cat’s eye,” slices a V-shaped wedge to provide a smoothdraw of smoke.  The Pierce is simply but effectively a punched hole.

Cigar cutters range from pocket models to large tabletop models.  Thus cutters are often a personal item and are a statement of style, and for that we offer cutters which use exotic materials, ingenious design or otherwise make bold statements. At Cigar Leisure we test products before we market them and make sure that they are effective and many affordable but high quality cigar cutters are found at Cigar Leisure.