Welcome to Cigarleisure’s new profile pages. You can view your new profile page here. With our new profile pages, you can do many exciting things like uploading images, making product recommendations (please limit these to products on cigarleisure.com 😉),and messaging other members. Please use the message feature only to converse with other members or tell them about events. Do not use it to solicit business. You may list your business in your profile and respond to requests for information about your services but please keep this a spam free zone.
Your new profile will have additional tabs to hold your purchase history, other interests,your recommendations, your Wishlist and your personal messages.

To view all members’ profiles visit our member directory.
If you want to search for a specific member, type their first name, last name or nickname into the search box and then click “Filter”.
Keep an eye on your emails for our upcoming best profile contest. If you are signed up to receive emails from us and have not been getting them, then please whitelist info@cigarleisure.com Check your email program for instructions on how to whitelist email addresses.
ISP are getting very aggressive in blocking emails so we recommend you whitelist the email sender for any list that you are subscribed to where you wish to receive the emails.

To qualify you will need to have a fully filled in profile which means besides the required fields, you need to upload a cover image and make at least one product recommendation. You will find the white edit button below the top section of your profile. Use it to edit information and upload photos.